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MAATA Spring 2016 Newsletter

60  Second News




2016 Speaker Presentation Slides/Notes


 Jennifer Doane's Presentation

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2016 Big East Tennis Tourney

Columbia area ATs Jane Steinberg, Michelle Grieswell & Jason Wimberly assisted w/the Big East Tennis Championships held April 29-May 1 in
Cayce, SC. Also helping but not pictured were Teri LaSalle & Erin Thomas

National Quidditch Championship

Thirteen ATs from South Carolina covered the National Quidditch Championship held April 16 & 17, in Columbia, SC. Shawn Zink, ATC, of Hilton Head, SC, has been lead AT for this event the past three years. There we 60 teams that competed, 1500+ athletes, and 155 matches. 
The event was won by QC Boston.



Proposed Constitutional and By-Laws changes to be voted on at the
annual meeting.



The Executive Council, with the full support of the District Council, is asking you to approve changes to our MAATA By-Laws. These By-law changes are essential as we move forward as a District, and to keep us more aligned with the recommendations and guideline of the NATA. We will vote on the adoption of the changes at the District III Business Meeting on May 21st in Virginia Beach. The changes can be viewed in a “track-changes” document on the MAATA website entitled, “2016 By-Laws Proposal.”

A By-Law change, per our Constitution, does not require advanced notice to the membership, but may only be amended at the Annual Business Meeting.

One proposed change to the By-Laws results from a NATA By-Laws change related to the term of office of the district director. The current NATA By-Law:

6.4 Term of Office. The term of office of a Director starts in June following the completion of the sitting Director’s term and shall be three (3) years, followed by a two (2) year term, if re-elected. 

Current language of our MAATA By-Laws:

Section 2.5   Terms of Office

2. 5.1 The District Director, District Secretary, and District Treasurer shall have an elected term of office of two (2) years, but may serve a second two (2) year term.


Section 2.5   Terms of Office

2. 5.1 The District Director and District Secretary shall have an elected term of office consistent with the NATA Board of Directors and District Secretary-Treasurers’ Committee term limits. These officers may not be elected for more than two (2) consecutive terms.

2.5.2 The District Treasurer shall have an elected term of office of two (2) years, but may serve an unlimited number of elected terms.


Current language of the MAATA By-Laws states:

Article 10. These By-Laws shall not conflict with the By-Laws of the NATA. In the event of a conflict, the NATA By-Laws will take precedence and the District By-Laws will be amended accordingly.

Therefore, we would like to change the term of the District Director to reflect this current NATA By-Law. Further, we would like to make the language more broad for both the District Director’s and Secretary’s positions. This will prevent us from having to make similar changes in the future when the NATA changes its By-Laws.

Please note that this would allow our current and future District Treasurers to serve unlimited number of terms if elected.  The Executive Council and District Council propose to change the term limit of the DIII Treasurer for the following reasons:

1.   The Treasurer’s position is specialized in that many ATs are not trained or qualified as chief financial officers (CFOs).

2.   When an AT is trained and qualified to manage money, create and manage a budget, complete tax forms, make educated decisions   regarding investments and expenditures, etc., it is in the best interest of the organization to extend the terms of such a person.

3.   The MAATA Treasurer also serves on the Executive Council and it is to our advantage to have an experienced AT assisting in the management of the District.

4.   Other districts have also chosen to extend the term of their district treasurer.

5.   In the interest of promoting involvement and opportunity, a call for nominations for District Treasurer will occur every two years prompting elections whenever a second qualified candidate becomes available.

6.   Extending the term of office of any leader can be risky in that a person may not be effective over time and may need to be replaced. Thus, we will conduct an election every 2 years if qualified members choose to run for District Treasurer.

Lastly, we would like to update the language related to membership of the Young Professionals’ Committee with grammatical changes, and the addition of the “Members-at-Large” positions. Please see the proposed changes HERE.

Thank you for your consideration of these proposed changes to the Mid-Atlantic Athletic Trainers’ Association By-Laws. If you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call me.

Patricia Aronson, District III Director


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