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Member States receive Legislative Grants

In the ongoing effort to further the athletic training profession, three MAATA member states received legislative grants through the Governmental Affairs Council.  Maryland, North Carolina and West Virginia received grants of $10,000, $20,000 and $16,000, respectively.  The grant money from the NATA will be used to enhance the legislative efforts of those states.  The Governmental Affairs Council awarded $300,000 to its various members.



We would like to extend an invitation to all individuals who may be interested in serving as a member of the NATA Career Assistance Project Team (NCAPT). The project team is the current form of the Career Center Committee that was established over 15 years ago. The NCAPT has been providing an invaluable service to the membership by creating and providing dynamic venues and opportunities for interactions between employers and perspective job applicants.

The objectives of the NCAPT are:
* Conduct the operations of the Career Center at the NATA Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposia.
* Facilitate in the continued development and enhancement of services provided by the Career Center of the NATA web page.

General requirements for NCAPT members:
* Commit to a 3 year term (no limit to renewals).
* Attend at least 1 annual meeting during the service term.
* Participate with the operations of the Career Center at Annual Meetings.
* Contribute to related discussions and correspondences.
* Current certification and be in good standing with the Board of Certification (BOC).
* Current member of the NATA.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the NCAPT and serving the membership of the NATA please contact Kavin Tsang, Ph.D., ATC and provide the following information:

Name & Credentials
Work Address
Work Phone
Email Address

Thank you for your time and consideration in serving the membership of the NATA.

Kavin Tsang, Ph.D., ATC
California State University, Fullerton
Athletic Training Education Program
800 N. State College Blvd.
Fullerton, CA 92831
office: 657.278.7970    fax: 657.278.5317

On Friday 5/6/11 during the Eastern Shore Senior Games at Salisbury University, a participant experienced a sudden cardiac episode which caused him to collapse while playing volleyball. Kenneth Ritchey, assistant athletic trainer, and Megan Blackburn, a trained bystander, without hesitation assessed the situation and began CPR. Maureen Thompson, assistant athletic trainer, arrived on the scene seconds later and set up the AED. She delivered one shock. Shortly after, the patient's pulse and breathing were restored. Paramedics arrived on the scene, and the patient was taken to PRMC with a beating heart. Without the fast initial action of Kenneth, Megan, and Maureen, this patient may have succumbed to his heart condition. This event is a testament to the importance of CPR education, certification, and public access to AEDs.

NATA Proposes Change in Voting Rights; MAATA Membership to vote in New Orleans

I look forward to seeing you in New Orleans later this month. If you attended the business meeting at our Symposium in Reston, VA in May you know there was spirited debate about the proposed change in the NATA By-Laws. Because of a lack of a quorum at the meeting we were unable to take a formal vote to reflect the voice of our district.

A change to the NATA By-Laws is always an important issue and in this case one that I expect to be very close in its outcome. I know you have many plans while you attend the convention in New Orleans but I hope you will make a special effort to attend our business meeting. If we are able to achieve a quorum (50% of the pre-registered attendees) we can have discussion and vote on this important matter. Our meeting is scheduled for Thursday 06/23/2011 from 6:15 to 7:15 pm in MCC 356-357.

A copy of the power point presentation prepared by the national office that was used in Reston for our business meeting is on our website: http://maata.org/. Also, an excellent article appeared in the April NATA News (page 16). The NATA News can be accessed at www.nata.org/NATAnews . This link may get you to this page: http://digital.ipcprintservices.com/publication/?i=64481

As always if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Martin Baker
District III Director

Click to see the Bylaws Change Proposal PPT 030811.ppt

The MAATA is now on Facebook

The Mid Atlantic Athletic Trainers' Association is now on Facebook. Please click here to follow the MAATA. Become a fan of District III to stay up-to-date with news, discussions, and more. Also, if you have a suggestion for the "Meet A Member" section please e-mail a picture and story to Josh Geruso.

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We are currently in the NATA membership renewal period. Go to http://nata.org/insets/membership/index.htm today and review the benefits of being a member of the NATA. We are counting on your professional involvement.





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